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Who we are

What keeps us going?

We are a dynamic team of young professionals in the field of languages, teaching, translating and testing. We continuously strive to go the extra mile in order to deliver the best possible learning experience and the fastest way to become fluent in English. We are experienced in teaching English and our methods have proven great results.

What keeps us going?
Teaching English is truly rewarding for us as we all love children and teaching. Seeing and hearing the results is what drives us!

About Mr. Davido

Mr. Davido is an educator who studied education and child psychology in Ghent, Belgium. He has taught many ESL (English as a second language) and EFL (English as a foreign language) students over the years. Because of his pronunciation proficiency and his assessing skills he has become a pilot screening specialist in South East Asia. Mr. Davido is now responsible for assessing oral English of pilot candidates according to the ICAO standards (International Civil Aviation Organization) for pilot training companies.



關於 Mr. Davido

Mr. Davido 是一名教育家,曾於比利時根特攻讀教育及兒童心理學。多年來,他指導無數ESL(英語作為第二語言)及EFL(英語作為外語)學生。身兼南亞區機師選拔專家,Mr. Davido 根據ICAO(國際民用航空組織)標準,評估考生的英文口語能力。