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learning is interesting, like a game

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The interests of a student is essential to any learning process

Next to our teaching methods which are explained in our course section, we believe that teachers should always try to start teaching from within the students' interest. What we mean by this is that the interests of the student are most important to his learning process. The experience of learning should be a joy rather than a tedious chore in life.

Our students love to come to our classes simply because they get the chance to express themselves, have a laugh and above all make better mistakes.

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Making mistakes - a natural progress towards excellence

Failures simply do not exist. Thomas Edison has tried over 10,000 times to create a light bulb. Did he fail or did he succeed? The things we usually perceive as failures are an essential part of a learning process, a practice towards excellence and that is exactly what we offer in our centre.

We see making mistakes as a good thing, a natural progress towards excellence that should not be discouraged. The English Teacher Learning Centre is a home for students where they are allowed to express themselves. This does not only lead to becoming a better English student but it also leads to becoming a better learner in everything. Students who understand that they shouldn't be afraid of trying will improve everything they do in life.

We don't make our students afraid of learning and practicing instead we show them that learning is interesting, like a game.

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