"Learn English Faster With Us"

Why we do what we do

We are in the business of developing happy kids!

We believe that increasing happiness in children leads to improved performance. And improved performance leads to great results. And great results lead to increased happiness. So our starting point and main focus is PLAY.

We developed real-life, topic-based English content that combines both play and usefulness to ensure happiness, increased confidence and better results.

Our students improve a lot faster simply because at The English Teacher learning centres, we take away their fear of speaking up and their fear of failing. We do this through playing really fun English board games and card games guided by the teacher, interesting guided writing, weekly presentation sessions, daily real-life English listening practice and a teaching method called the flipped classroom where the students study a grammar explanation at home through video and an online quiz and then practice what they have learnt with their classmates and their native English teacher.
All this leads to increased presentation performance. And that is the key.

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Increased presentation performance.

We found that by improving the student's presentation performance, their overall English performance improves dramatically.


If the student is convinced that what they are saying during their presentation is correct English, because it is the listening exercise we give them, they will use parts of this presentation everywhere in their spoken and written English naturally and automatically.

So they start speaking like the teacher and they become as good as the teacher in presentation.
And that’s what we mean by“Become the teacher”.
Become as good as the teacher in performing a presentation. And everything else, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, pronunciation will improve effortlessly, leading to great results and again to more happiness.

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