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Who we are

What keeps us going?

We are a dynamic team of young professionals in the field of languages, teaching, translating and testing. We continuously strive to go the extra mile in order to deliver the best possible learning experience and the fastest way to become fluent in English. We are experienced in teaching English and our methods have proven great results.



Why we do what we do

elated happy cheering children
We are in the business of developing happy kids!

We believe that increasing happiness in children leads to improved performance. And improved performance leads to great results. And great results lead to increased happiness. So our starting point and main focus is PLAY.

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Our Team

Our Core Values

Wanna know what we value most?


When we can be authentic with ourselves, we automatically are that with others.


When we live in commitment, we can always recommit when lapsing.

Fail to succeed

We understand and religiously believe that one must fail enough in order to be great at anything.

Our Vision

154+ English Teacher Learning Centres

to establish 154+ English Teacher learning centres in over 4 countries in Asia by 3 May, 2020 and to provide free and paid online English learning services to reach and teach anyone who believes learning English with us will improve the quality of their lives.

Our Mission

confident, positive and successful human beings

At The English Teacher Limited we are committed to creating a world where we help students discover the joy in learning English in an effortless and playful way – online and offline – where they take on the principle that making mistakes is necessary for all learning and success.

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